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Top 4 Big Agnes Sleeping Pad Review | Dream-Guides

It is the dream of every adventurer in the woods to have comfortable nights under the bright moonlight. However, many don’t achieve their dream because of having poor quality sleeping pads. Most of their complaints revolve around the tearing of the pad, their short durability, their long inflation and deflation time, the noise they make, […]

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Sea to Summit Sleeping Pad Review | Dream-Guides

The feeling of tiredness you get after a long day’s adventure of climbing, hiking or trail running can only get more rewarding with a good rest. Comfort after camping expeditions used to be a luxury that was rare to come by, but this has changed. Now, with good quality sleeping pads, your night at camp […]

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Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Pad Reviews | Dream-Guides

Whether you are camping, hiking or off on a long outdoor expedition, a good night’s sleep is very important. Getting quality sleep refreshes the body and mind and makes you ready for a wonderful day ahead. That is, energy gained from good rest is paramount. Hence the need for excellent backpacking sleeping pads which you […]

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