Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Review – Everything You Have To Know

Ocean kayak malibu two review

Inflatable kayaks have gained lots of notoriety in the last years and not just among experienced users, but also among amateurs. With the summer season round the corner, more and more people turn to kayaks in the attempt to boost their summer holiday experience, hence our Ocean Kayak Malibu Two review.

We all know how daunting it is to browse the market and jump from one product to another. Most of them look the same and have similar features, yet small details often make the difference.

Modern inflatable kayaks represent an upgrade to the classic gear you can find in random stores. This isn't a cheap inflatable unit that you can get rid of once the summer is over. Instead, it borrows some features from professional kayaks and can last for years.

When trying to find the best sit-on-top kayak, we've already did the homework for you and analyzed the best rated models. From our point of view, the Malibu Two model is worth some attention.

But before getting there, it's worth knowing what to expect from an inflatable kayak and how it can add to your summer experience. So, what are the most attractive benefits?

Why Choose this Kayak? 

Versatility is the main reason wherefore you're reading this review. Inflatable kayaks are easy to assemble and take minutes before going on water.

Basically, they have to be unfolded and inflated – that's it. Most of them come with repair kits, while fixing them is piece of cake. They don't require any professional help.

Given their simplistic profile, they are lightweight and portable. Once folded, a kayak is the size of a regular backpack. Put it on your back or throw it on the back seat of your car and go to the beach. It's easy to transport when you use common transportation as well, such as buses or flights. Plus, it's so compact that storing it will be no problem.

Using an inflatable kayak is just as simple, even if you're a novice or this is the first time you do it. Boarding it involves sitting down on the deck, putting one foot in and sliding down. Directing and controlling it doesn't require any special courses. Just climb it and don't go on rapid waters right away. Learn how to use the paddles and figure what kind of control they give you. Most people learn how to use an inflatable kayak within the first use.

Finally, don't overlook the value for money either. Rigid kayaks can cost a fortune. Their transportation also adds to the costs, as you might need to rent or buy a trailer. They require maintenance and if something breaks down, you'll end up spending a lot on specialized mechanics. Inflatable kayaks clear all these issues. 

In terms of security, an inflatable unit can be kept indoors, inside a closet, so it's less likely to be targeted by thieves.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Review

The Malibu Two model is probably the best tandem kayak produced by Ocean Kayak. It's available in multiple colors – envy, sunrise and yellow.

It's the perfect example of the type of boat you have to bring a friend along. It's easy to move around and inflate, but it's also solid and can be controlled even if you're alone.

1. Capacity Features

Most inflatable kayaks in this segment are designed for two people, so finding a solid 2 person fishing kayak shouldn't be too hard. But what happens if you have a family and a kid too?

This kayak takes your family adventure to the next level. It has two seats, as well as an extra spot in the front for a child.

The child spot is not supported by a proper seat, like the other two. However, the child is less likely to paddle too much anyway. When you bring your little one over, you want them to chill, admire the surroundings and stay still. Plus, a child can't match an adult's paddling speed.

Overall, we were impressed to find out that this kayak can take up to 425 pounds. It's suitable for both lightweight and large people. However, overweight individuals should check the seats to make sure they can actually fit in.

2. Design and Seating

When looking for 2 person fishing kayak reviews, most people will inevitably recommend this product due to its innovative construction. It has three seating positions – middle, stem and bow. You can use the middle position if you paddle by yourself.

Tandem sailing is simple as well – paddlers should use the large seats.

Despite most expectations, we found the middle position to be comfortable. It provides plenty of leg room.

As for the actual seats, they're more comfortable than in other similar models. If you bring your child over, they'll have to chill in front of the kayak. The weight is evenly distributed even if the kayak is full.

Apart from the seats, we found gear straps, patented overlapping foot wells and three seat wells that are molded in. The skid plate is not to be overlooked either, while the molded handles add to your safety and stability.

Side walls are not tall, so this inflatable kayak resembles the appearance of professional kayaks. We tried other similar models before; taller sides add to safety, but they reduce the overall purpose of a kayak – speed.

3. Sizing Standards

Despite being able to take up to 425 pounds, it's worth knowing the sizing features of this inflatable kayak too. After all, you want to fit the seat comfortably, without taking any risks. The bow seat is 18.5 inches in width.

On the other hand, the stern seat is a bit wider – 20.25 inches. As for the center seat, it goes up to 16.25 inches. If you're overweight and not sure about your size, just measure yourself.

The leg room is not to be overlooked either, especially if you're tall. The bow leg length goes to 44 inches, while the stern leg length is just under – 42 inches.

Altogether, the kayak weighs 57 pounds. We found it to be a bit heavier than other models in this segment, but it's more qualitative and made with heavier materials for stability. The extra weight will add to your control as well. Without it, strong winds would be a real problem in terms of maneuverability.

4. Extra Features

The bow is the most attractive extra feature. It makes this inflatable kayak look like a professional one. It's so large that it makes a great seat for a child or a pet; just make sure you keep them safe though. The stock pad eyes are included in the package for extra convenience.

In other words, you can easily attach a third seat for your little one. As for the back support, it prevents fatigue and tiredness. You can comfortably paddle for hours without feeling lower back pains. Stern handles are built in.

As for the actual construction, Ocean Kayak keeps it simple. There are no fancy materials, but just plastic. It doesn't mean it's fragile though. The manufacturer has used industrial heavy duty plastic which can take quite a lot of stress. We tested the material with a few different objects and it holds really well.

There are not too many Ocean Kayak Malibu Two accessories coming with this model, but just the basics.

Who Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Is for?

Given the inflatable profile, Ocean Kayak Malibu Two is mostly designed for amateurs and beginners who enjoy sliding on water.

It's safe and easy to unfold and inflate.

It has an extra seat, so it's great for families with a child or a pet. It's just as handy for single users, yet the extra seats provide versatility for when you call friends over.

The strong and sturdy construction makes this kayak suitable to more experienced users as well. It makes a great training tool for professionals, yet it lacks many of the features available in a sophisticated unit. 

Pros and Cons


  •  It's suitable to single users, couple and even families.
  • It's lightweight and portable – easy to move and store.
  • It's also comfortable for overweight or tall people.
  • It's made of industrial heavy duty plastic, so it's durable.
  • The back support adds to its comfort.


  • Heavy duty plastic is porous, so the kayak will get dirty quite easily.
  • It would've been more convenient if it had cup holders too.


Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Kayak

In conclusion, finding the best inflatable kayak is not so hard. We've already done it for you. Our Ocean Kayak Malibu Two review should give you a detailed description of how it feels to ride this unit, as well as its positive and negative parts.

Make this decision with your overall needs in mind. This is definitely a 5 stars kayak. Think how often you'll use this kayak, as well as the size of your family. The good news is it works for single users, as well as couples, couples with a kid or groups of friends.

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