Top 5 Best Kayak Paddle Value for The Money

Picking a right-sized kayak paddle is basic and also very important otherwise you will find it very uncomfortable to hold. Therefore, choosing the best kayak paddle for the money is a must and you need to make sure that the paddle meets most of your kayaking needs.

If you not be able to determine the right kayak paddle, you probably will not get the desired speed as it would be difficult to move the kayak. Also, the paddle might be too heavy. That’s the reason why there are many things you need to take into consideration when choosing the paddle for your kayak.

We have come up with a guide that will help you pick the most suited kayak paddle and have also evaluated some of the popular paddles on sale on the market. You can also find our top pick in this review article.




  • 5 sizes: 210cm - 250cm
  • 2 piece construction
  • 100% Carbon
  • Posi-Lok ferrule system



  • 3 sizes: 220, 230, and 240 cm
  • Material: Fiberglass-filled polypropylene
  • 4 piece construction



  • Lightweight at 2.7 lbs
  • Packable length 25.5"
  • 4 piece construction



  • 3 position system
  • 96 inches



  • Size: 84 & 96 inch
  • 3 lock position
  • 2 piece construction



5 Best Kayak Paddles Reviewed

1. AquaBound Manta Ray Carbon - Our Top Pick

Best kayak paddle for the money

If you are looking for better power while paddling on moving waters, then Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Carbon Kayak Paddle is a safe bet.

This paddle is made of carbon and just weighs less than 30 oz. It offers extra power and pulls and is suitable for big sized kayaks. It is a very good paddle for all aggressive paddlers.

The blades are beefy and have a size of 7.25 x 18 inches. They are made using abX carbon infused with nylon. Hence, the blades are very sturdy, durable and offer superior performance along with low swing weight.

The shaft is made of 100% carbon and it is available as 210, 220, 230, 240 and 250 cm kayak paddle.

  • The manta shaped larger blades have an area of 105 sq. inches. They are suited for experienced and adventurous paddlers
  • The blades are so strong and durable that they can move serious waters with ease

  • Comes with 100% carbonized shaft that makes the paddle have a lightweight construction. This ensures less strain on the joints and less fatigue when paddling for long hours
  • The shafts come in lengths of 210 to 250 cm to suit different sized paddlers
  • Offers high angle paddling strokes that are preferred by athletic paddlers


  • High angle style paddle for the aggressive paddlers
  • Paddle shaft is made of full carbon fiber to offer easy water maneuverability
  • The shaft can be separated in the center and hence is easily transported 
  • Large sized carbon blades


  • The blades cannot be removed from the shaft

2. Carlisle Magic Plus - Best Kayak Paddle Under $150

The Magic Plus kayak paddle is the best touring kayak paddle that you will ever come across. It is the perfect paddle to use for beginners and intermediate paddlers. It offers performance characteristics at a budget price.

The blades of the Carlisle Magic Plus kayak paddle are made using fiberglass-filled polypropylene. It is very durable and also has a lightweight construction. The shaft is made using flexible fiberglass to offer easy and smooth strokes. The blades have a spooned shape to offer powerful strokes in the water.

It is an ideal paddle you can use to spend a long day on the water. It is not so very stiff and offers the necessary strength and stability to reduce the strain on your shoulders and joints.

  • Asymmetrical fiberglass-filled polypropylene blades that are in the shape of a spoon. This allows the paddle to move easily through the waters
  • Straight fiberglass shaft that weighs 39 oz. and offers right and left-hand control

  • The shaft has a two-piece construction and hence can be easily transported
  • The shaft offers 0 to 60-degree feather to suit novice and intermediate touring paddlers


  • It can handle all sorts of punishment, it receives all day long
  • The paddle comes with a carbon shaft and paddle that ensures longevity and lightweight design
  • The asymmetrical blades are dihedral to offer smooth and power filled stokes.
  • Reduces the stress on shoulder and joints
  • Best budget kayak paddle suited for novice paddlers


  • Water gets trapped inside the blades occasionally
  • Paddle sometimes flutters

3. Advanced Elements Compact Touring - Best Kayak Paddle Under $100

If you are looking for a quality, portable, and lightweight paddle that is suited for use on touring kayaks, then you should opt for the Advanced Elements Compact Touring Kayak Paddle. The best part about this paddle is that it is designed to offer easy and quick paddling for all the adventurists.

It can be separated into four parts and this makes the paddle very easy to store and transport. There are snap buttons that connect to the parts of the paddle and lock them in place to offer solid push in the waters.

The blades are asymmetrical and are dihedral that offers great paddling efficiency. It is the lightest kayak paddle that offers you comfortable paddling for a long time without stressing the shoulder and joints.

  • The paddle just weighs 2.7 pounds and has an aluminum shaft that is of aircraft grade
  • The blades are dihedral and are made from nylon fused with glass fibers

  • It is offered in 4 sections and hence can be dismantled to be packed in backpacks and touring bags. Hence, the paddle is easily portable
  • Asymmetrical blades suit the low angle paddlers


  • Unfeathered with 60 degrees blade angle
  • Separates into four parts with a packing length of just 25.5 inches
  • Sturdy, durable and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Best suits inflatable kayaks


  • It is only available in one size 91 inches
  • It will not suit wide kayaks

4. Shoreline Marine - Best Kayak Paddle for Beginners

If you are looking for the best paddles that are longer and suit marine kayaking, then the Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle is an ideal option. These paddles are suited for sea kayaking beginners.

This is a long paddle about 96 inches and hence it offers the best low angle strokes when you use it in water. The shaft of the paddle is made using lightweight aluminum that is corrosion resistant. The blade of the paddle is a hard plastic one.

This sea kayak paddle is designed to offer you tireless and pain-free arms and shoulders for the long trips. The blades are contoured at the base to offer greater paddling efficiency.

  • These paddles come with an aluminum shaft that is carrying a lightweight construction.
  • It has a length of 96 inches, which means it is suitable for wider kayaks and also offers relaxed paddling

  • The contour molded blades offer excellent paddling efficiency and propel the water quickly from its surface
  • The foam grips ensure you have a comfortable hold of the paddle shaft when paddling
  • The paddle can be customized to any size using the three-position system
  • It is a two-piece paddle that makes it easy to transport


  • Lightweight and easy to use aluminum shafts
  • Contoured plastic blades for efficient paddling
  • Ideal paddle for novice and intermediate users
  • 96-inch length for use on wider kayaks
  • 2-piece design for easy transportation and easy storage


  • It is not ideal for heavy use
  • The blades are not secured perfectly on the shaft

5. SeaSense X-Treme II

The SeaSense X-Treme II Kayak Paddle is another popular paddle that is offered with a length of 96 inches. This makes it a perfect kayak paddles for sale that suits wider kayaks.

This paddle is also for those who love to paddle for long hours tirelessly. As it is made of the lightweight aluminum shaft, it does not cause any serious shoulder pain and joint pain when paddling for hours together.

The foam grip on the shaft offers very easy and comfortable grip of the paddle. The drip guards are adjustable and this ensures that not much water is pushed onto your head when stroking. The blade is made of plastic. It can be adjusted in three positions so that you can use feathered or straight blades.

  • The paddle can be tweaked to any size depending on your kayak length and width, thanks to the three-position option
  • It is a two-piece paddle that can be easily stored and transported anywhere

  • Foam grips ensure you get a nice and comfortable grip of the paddle
  • Drip guards are adjustable to suit varied size users


  • This is the best paddle under $100 that suits novice kayakers
  • The 96-inch paddle offers a wide range of usage options
  • Foam grips on the paddle offer great and comfortable grip
  • Can be easily stored and transported as it is 2-piece paddle


  • Adjusting the drip guards takes time
  • It only suits entry-level paddlers

Kayak Paddles Buying Guides

Kayaking is possible only when you have the kayak paddles. You need the best kayak paddles that go with your specific kayak to give the best kayaking experience.

If you combine the wrong paddles with the kayak, maneuvering the kayak will be difficult and it may result in accidents. The relaxation and comfort received from any kayaking trip depend on the quality of the paddle you use.

Kayaks are used for different purposes and based on that the paddles used may vary. To select your best suited paddle, you need to consider the purpose of the paddle.

Purpose of Kayaking

Depending on the purpose of kayaking, the kayaks used vary. They include:

  • Recreational kayaks which are wide and stable and require less experience to paddle them.
  • Touring kayaks are longer and have a single sealed bulkhead. These kayaks are for experienced paddlers who can paddle for long hours. They are mainly used in protected water bodies.
  • Sea or ocean kayaks are suitable for kayaking in the ocean or large bodies of water. They have two sealed bulkheads. They are suitable for camping trips or long kayaking trips.
  • Whitewater kayaks are for paddling in streams, rivers, and creeks where rapids for whitewater. Whitewater kayaking is most dangerous and different paddling techniques are used.
  • Sport or fishing kayaks are designed for activities like, racing, fishing, camping, scuba diving, etc. They will have specific equipment fitted on them.

Depending on your idea of kayaking you need to select the paddles that offer required strength, performance and cost effectiveness.

Types of Kayak Paddles

All Purpose Kayak Paddles

Whether you are looking for a paddle for fishing or for whitewater or for sporting need, the all-purpose paddles with carbon fiber shafts are the best options. 

Kayak fishing paddles with carbon shaft and nylon blades with a reinforced carbon offer high quality and durability. They are very light in weight and the kayaker will have greater control of the paddles. It is easy to achieve the required speed with these lightweight paddles.

These all-purpose paddles are available from different online stores. Some of these brands have paddles with adjustable shafts so that they can adjust the length of the shaft according to their physique and type of kayak.

Best Fiberglass Paddles for Adventure

Any adventurous kayaker or sporting kayaker looking for best white water paddle can opt paddles with fiberglass shaft and blade. You need to opt for models with larger blades and lightweight shafts.

This fiberglass kayak paddle glides through the water easily providing great speed and smooth maneuverability. This is a good option for people having toured kayaks as they offer better tracking capacity.

One can select the convenient blade size according to their age and physique. Models which have feathering or unfeathering button are extremely useful. Selecting the paddles with drip rings help to keep the kayaker dry.

Best Sea Kayak Paddle

Best ocean kayak paddles are the ones which are able to withstand the force of turbulent and treacherous waves. Paddles with aluminum alloy shaft and asymmetrical dihedral blades are the right choice for this purpose. These paddles can also be used for whitewater kayaking.

The dihedral blades help to keep the kayak stable and easy steering.   You can opt for blades, fixed at 60 degrees. Do not go for the feathering option as it will not be highly efficient in turbulent waters. Look for models which come with four parts and offer portability and durability.

Best Tour Kayak Paddles

The best tour, kayak paddles should have a comfortable shaft length. What happens when you use too long of a paddle for kayaking is that it becomes cumbersome and tiring for the kayaker. For beginning kayakers and for long kayak tours, paddle length of 72 inches will be ideal. Go for paddles with an aluminum shaft and asymmetrical aluminum blades for comfortable kayaking.

The Shape of Kayak Paddle

Kayak paddle shapes vary according to the purpose for which it is used. The basic shapes are flat and symmetrical, curved and asymmetrical and the Aleutian and Greenland style. Different manufacturers offer a different combination of these paddles shapes according to the function and design. 

Symmetric blades are suitable for whitewater paddlers and for touring paddlers who prefer high strokes. Paddler looking for speed and power should opt for wider paddle blades with a shorter shaft.

Dihedral paddles reduce flutter by directing the water flow to the outer edge. The Greenland style comes with long and narrow blades suitable for kayakers with low angle stroke.

Paddle That Offers Value for Money

There are different kayak paddle brands which offer the right value for your money. Select paddles which offer the best combination of features required. You can find fishing kayak paddle for sale or adventure kayak paddles from reputed brands. To know which the best one for your need is a trial is the best method. 

Once you get a clear picture of your kayaking needs you will be able to decide on the required shaft length, the shape of the blade and the material of the shaft and paddle. Go for the paddles which fit your paddling style, lightweight, and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kayak paddle size do I need?

There are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing the right paddle size for the kayak. The first thing to look into is the width of the kayak. It will be based on the height of the paddler and the width of the kayak.

  •  For paddler height 5'5"

A paddler with a height of 5 feet and 5 inches and kayak width of less than 23 inches needs to go for a 210-cm paddle. The kayak width of 24 to 28 inches means that you should use a 220-cm paddle, for a kayak width of 29 to 33 inches, use 230 cm kayak paddle and for above 34 inches use the paddle that is 240 cm long.

  • For paddler height 5'5" to 5'11"

A 220-cm paddle will be suited for a kayak width that is less than 23 inches. You need to get a 230 cm, 240 cm kayak paddle and 250 cm paddle for kayak widths of 24 to 28 inches, 29 to 33 inches and above 34 inches respectively.

  • For paddler height over 6 feet

Since the kayak width sizes of less than 23 inches, 24 to 28 inches, 29 to 33 inches and above 34 inches, you should go for paddle lengths of 220 cm, 230 cm, 250 cm, and 260 cm respectively.

2. How do I hold the kayak paddle?

It is very important to know how to hold the paddle before starting the paddling.

  • check
    As paddle blades are mostly asymmetrically, you should make sure to hold the paddle upside down do that it travels through the water smoothly.
  • check
    The best carbon fiber kayak paddle blades for touring are always feathered. This means they will be pointing in different directions. You can feather the paddle to the left or the right depending on whether you are a right-handed or a left-handed.
  • check
    The main paddle control hand is the right hand. So, your grip needs to be fixed and should not be changed when you are stroking the paddle through the water. The angle of the blade can be adjusted using your right hand.
  • check
    The left hand must be holding the shaft of the paddle in a loose manner. This will give the right hand to twist the shaft to the desired angle to help with turning the kayak. It will also help in rolling and bracing.
  • check
    The best paddling technique is to have the right hand flexed and the left hand looses on the paddle shaft. This allows you to try out a variety of strokes and paddling maneuvers.


AquaBound Manta Ray Carbon Paddle

In order to find out the best kayak paddle for the moneywe tried out all the reviewed paddles and compared the pluses and minuses of them. By doing so, we have come to the conclusion that the most comfortable and the efficient paddle that suits our paddling needs and also fitted well within our budget is the [easyazon_link identifier="B00A4XCXQW" locale="US" tag="dreamguides-20"]AquaBound Manta Ray Carbon Kayak Paddle [/easyazon_link].

The Manta ray paddle is a perfect touring paddle that will suit the needs of both the novice and the advanced paddlers. It is made of high quality carbon and this makes it a lightweight contention. The carbonized shaft and the blades guarantee to last longer and also offer you tireless and trouble-free paddling for long hours.

It is also offered in a wide range of sizes from 210 to 250 cm to suit paddlers of varying heights. This is a paddle works wonders for high angle paddlers and for those paddling on moving waters. This is why we are giving the Aqua bound Manta ray paddle a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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