What Are Kayak Scuppers Holes & Plugs – Discover Their Importance

If you are planning for a kayak trip, you should be prepared for all the challenges that you may be facing. You should always have adequate supplies with you. But do you know what are kayak scuppers holes and plugs and the importance of their existence?

What Are Kayak Scuppers Holes?

what are kayak scuppers

Kayak scuppers are designed in every sit-on-top kayaks, with a holes in it, to help draining out water from top to bottom. The kayak scupper holes are generally found in the cockpit, tank or the foot-wall of the kayak.

The main work of these scupper holes is to drain out all the water that gets stored in the kayak. We should always drain the kayak valve whenever we feel that the kayak is getting heavy, before the kayak starts losing its balance and may lead to capsize. These kayak scuppers help to provide us with support on the sit on top kayak. 

The kayak scuppers are very effective for us but we also need to keep in mind that, it will also make all the things in the kayak wet. To avoid the wetting happens, the scuppers can be blocked with kayak scupper plugs.

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What Are Kayak Scuppers Plugs?

So, the purpose of kayak scupper plugs is to increase the safety and comfort, by not risking your valuables or anything inside your kayak getting wet. Therefore, you can ensure your comfort of sitting in the kayak.

Without the kayak scupper plugs, we could have end up sitting in a tub of water in the middle of the lake, river, or sea. On top of that, the kayak scupper plugs also helps to increase the rigidity of your kayak hull which is very important as one of the safety feature.

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Coming to the conclusion, now that you have the idea of what are kayak scuppers holes and kayak scuppers plugs. Scuppers are useful and you always need to keep a pair of kayak scuppers plug with you to avoid too much water getting in your kayak. You need to make sure the kayak scuppers plugs are tight to ensure your comfort.

When the plugs will get old there will be the entry of water in the kayak but we don’t need to be stressed out about it since it is not a big deal. As long as the water inside the kayak is not excessive then we will all be good.

Bear in mind that, a little water getting into your kayak is completely normal. Do not worry, those little water won't sink your kayak. 

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