Wavestorm Classic Longboard: Best for Intermediate Surfers

Buying a surfboard can be confusing. Between different tails, concaves, fin patterns, shapes, and rockers, choosing the correct features for your home wave is essential. For starter, a soft-top longboard is an excellent way to go, but if you are a veteran, this is not for you. In this article, we will review one of the best surfboards for intermediate surfers in the market today – the Wavestorm 8” Classic Longboard.  

If one of your dreams is to catch the wave and have the most significant smile as you feel the ocean swell underneath your feet and you are being carried down the line – you need to start with the best beginner surfboard for your experience and style.

If you intend to enroll in surfing lessons, owning a surfboard has excellent benefits for starters. Each board is unique and is going to feel different – consistency is essential to advance easily when learning how to surf and you can do this if you have your board. Buying a top-rated surfboard for intermediate surfers can be a challenge with so many surfboard brands, varieties, and types to choose from.

The Wavestorm 8” Classic Longboard is recommended for beginner and intermediate surfers. It is designed to help the user learn to surf fast and easy. You may stumble into the water several times, and because of this, it has a protective feature to ensure your surfboard will not leave you.

Wavestorm 8” Surfboard Review

Best surfboards for intermediate surfers

The price is competitive but is full of useful features which edge its competitors. The Wavestorm 8” Classic Longboard has two fins and an ankle leash to make your surfing experience fun and exciting.

The white and blue design makes it even more appealing, and the adjustable fin box makes it more portable as compared to others of the same price range.

Key Features and Specifications

  • AGIT Global’s patented Graphic Film Technology
  • High-Density Slick Bottom Skin

  • Length: 8 feet (243.8cm)
  • Soft Water Barrier Skin Crosslink Top Deck and Rails
  • Strong Bolt-through board components
  • 3 Marine-Ply Stringers and a Strong Expanded Polystyrene Core
  • Textured Traction Pad
  • Thickness: 3 1/4 inches (8.3 cm)
  • Volume: 86 liters
  • Weight:  11.5 lbs
  • Width: 22 1/2 inches (57.4 cm)

Affordable Price

If you are a new or intermediate surfer, you probably don’t have any idea about the cost of the surfboard. Finding a good deal is not easy at all. You should not buy the expensive one for your first surfboard because you will not know what your preferences on things like leash, fins, size and the kind of grip is on the deck until you learn how to surf. Wavestorm 8" Surfboard is much cheaper as compared to others.

Good Warranty

When buying a surfboard, it is best to choose the one that offers a good warranty. Since you are new in surfing, you are likely not that familiar with the best surfboards brands, how to look for defects.

A good warranty covers everything from repair and replacement of parts. It will give you peace of mind every time you surf, and something happens on your surfboard. Wavestorm 8” surfboard warranty is not indicated on Amazon, but you can contact the manufacturer to know more about their warranty.

Weight Limitations

This is a vital factor you need to be aware of when you are buying a surfboard. If you are too heavy for your board, your board will not last long. There are boards intended for adults and children, and there are some which do not indicate as to whom it is made of.

Before making a purchase, if it does not show the weight limit, it is better to ask the manufacturer to make sure the product will work for you.

For Wavestorm 8" surfboard the maximum weight it can handle is up to 200 lbs. It is designed for smooth riding with its curvature and shape concentrating on gliding and stability so that you won't fall off.

Speed and Stability

Wavestorm 8" surfboard has a detachable bolt through thruster fin set. The fins are one of the most vital parts of a surfboard, and they are available either as a permanent feature or as a detachable feature. Good fins will not just help you increase your speed while you are on the water, but they will also provide better balance and more stability.

Most detachable fin systems include a tool known as a surfboard fin key like a small hex screwdriver and is used to mount and remove these fins. Travelling with removable fins is much easier. You can easily stack the boards together.

Detachable Leash

Another critical component of the surfboard is the leash, particularly for a new or intermediate surfer. A leash is generally a string that you can place around the ankle, so the board does not float away from you once you fall off. 

For starters, it is best to consider this as you will have more tumbles but if you learn how to surf, you might not need the leash. Most leashes are detachable, and they are made of different materials. Many surfboards have a spot on them to attach a leash, so even if you purchase a surfboard and it does not include the leash you could buy one if you need it.

Balance and Comfort

Wavestorm length is 8 feet which is long enough to spread your legs out and to surf comfortably with balance. Taller and shorter surfers can surf using this board without any difficulty. However, taller surfers may be able to control longer board easily.

You need to consider the deck as well when buying a surfboard. For new and intermediate surfers this feature is very important. A surfboard with smoother decks is not recommended to beginners as they might have a hard to balance on it. However, a rough board can be uncomfortable if you surf for an extended period.

The Wavestorm 8” surfboard has durable laminate deck keeps the board in good shape longer and help keep you standing when a big wave hit.

Appealing Design Thickness

Wavestorm 8” Classic Longboard has a white and blue brushed graphic design which makes it more appealing in the water. The color of the surfboard complements the ocean's color which makes the board looks like part of the water. The design is the surfer's pride and happiness. You would not want to be outcasted when surfing.

You have the option to customize the board to match your personality. If you check out the market for availability of your preferred surfboard, it may get tough to find it. Thus, it is best to choose the brand that will allow you to personalize it.  

Thickness of Board

When it comes to overall stability of the board, you need to focus on the board thickness. The more foam on the board, the more buoyant and stable it will be. Thickness varies depending on the part that is thick, as a result, you might have an agiler or less agile surfboard.

Wavestorm has an 8.3cm thickness which is enough to provide you better stability in the water. If you have the chance, it is best to check what kind of thickness will work well for you. 

Ease of Movement

The nose and rocker play an essential role in the overall stability and maneuverability of the board. Wavestorm surfboard has a broad nose which makes it more stable in the water. If you choose the one with the wider nose, it can affect how you maneuver the surfboard.

The curve of the board or commonly known as the rocker has an important role when you are playing with the waves. The surfboard with a larger curve at the nose can deal with larger waves. The board is agiler if the board has increased tail rocker and it is easy to maneuver around.

For a beginner surfer, it is best to choose Wavestorm 8" classic longboard as it has less rocker at the center. This thing enables the board to glide smoothly on the water and easier to paddle around.

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The Pros and Cons


  • Perfect for gliding
  • Slick bottom to maximize speed
  • Fins provide stability and adjustable fin box for portability
  • Very stable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Better volume
  • Can accommodate up to 200 lbs


  • Because the board is wide, it affects some maneuverability in exchange for control and balance


Wavestorm 8" Classic Longboard

Best surfboards for intermediate surfers

First-time, intermediate and advanced surfers, can look forward to several hours of fun surfing using Wavestorm 8” Classic Longboard. If you are planning to join the world of surfing, we suggest that you go with the world's leading brand of surfboards. This is better than buying or renting a traditional hardboard right away because if you are not familiar with the best all around surfboard, you might get hurt in the water.

Wavestorm 8” Classic Longboard is one of the best surfboards for intermediate surfers rated at 4.7 out of 5 stars. Despite the fact, the colors, models, and sizes might vary, keep in mind that the brand is known in the market as a company that always provide quality and durable product. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for your perfect surfboard.

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